Interview Marko Delimar, IEEE

There are a number of concrete issues that Delimar wants to talk about with policymakers. As a smart grid specialist, he warns that the term “smart grid” does not really mean anything. “There are different issues involved here. It’s about making transmission and distribution systems work better. It’s about smart metering. And about demand response – about making our appliances able to adapt to market signals.”

If there is one important point that Delimar wants to stress, is that “smart grids” should not only be about electricity. “We have to stop looking at smart grid as electricity network. It has to grow towards a smart energy system. This should include all the utilities coming to the consumer – thermal, gas, even water. All combined can make the system much smarter.”

The Energy Post

That smart-grid is an empty term was one of the most shocking revelations I had as well. There isn’t a single, well defined, standardised, concept of smart-grid, interoperable anywhere. And probably never will. It is in fact more the conditions for a “smart-energy ecosystem” than anything else. Each Utility, each “actor” can use the IT/Energy basis to build its own set of added-value Energy Services for the consumer of the “traditional” utilities.

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