6 Characteristics of Successful Thru Hikers

1. Stubbornness

Those who aren’t stubborn are likely to call it quits when the going gets tough. The thought of sitting in your favorite spot on the couch, watching the newest season of your favorite show with friend or a loved one is nearly enough to convince you to call a taxi at the next road crossing on some days. But when the trail calls for a three day stint of hiking in the rain with still soaked clothes every morning and rivers in the trail every afternoon, you have got to be stubborn as a dim witted mule to power through and not give in.

2. Flexibility

On the other hand, you’ve got to be very flexible to make it to your end mark nearly 2.200 miles away. Over six months and that many miles, there are a lot of punches that will be thrown your way and a lot of wrenches thrown in your spokes. A successful thru hiker has to be able to bend and shift their plan due to weather, injury, or the promise of beer and pizza on a day hiker in the a town you didn’t plan to visit. You will be happier and more comfortable if you are able to be super flexible.

Appalachian Trail – 6 Characteristics of Successful Thru Hikers

Things that apply to a thorough hiking experience as the AT, applies to professional life as well.

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